Sharing and updating an IP address on a Windows-based computer resets the underlying IP addresses. It works in disable network connections and updates IP addresses.

In normal circumstances, the device can use an IP address indefinitely. Networks are assigned to the device when it is recorded. However, technical problems with DHCP and network hardware can cause IP contradictions and other issues where connections stop working abruptly.

When will the IP address be shared and updated?
The IP address is assigned and then the renewal can be beneficial:

If you connect a computer directly to the modem
When a computer is Transferred from computer to home or home to a computer network on hot spots
During an unexpected network outage
issue and renew an IP address with the prompt
This will allow you to share and renew the address of any computer running the Windows operating system.

Open Command Prompt Win + R is the fastest way to use a keyboard shortcut to open the field, and then type cmd.

Enter ipconfig / release and enter

Wait for the order to complete. You should see that the IP address line displays as an IP address. This is normal because the command prints an IP address from a network adapter. During this time, your computer does not have an IP address and can not access the internet.

Enter ipconfig / renewal to obtain and enter the new address.

Wait for the order to complete and a new line at the bottom of the prompt. This result should be an IP address.

Learn more about IP releases and renewals
Windows can get the same IP address after renewal as before. It's normal. The desired effect of breaking the old connection and starting a new one is still available, including the address number.

The attempt to renew the IP address may fail. Possible error messages are read:

Error updating interface [interface name]: Can not connect to your DHCP server. The request has expired.
This particular error indicates that the DHCP server may be poor or currently unreachable. You must restart a client device or server before proceeding.

Provides troubleshooting sections in the Windows Network and Sharing Center and in the Network Connection, where you can run various diagnostics that includes the appropriate IP refresh process, if desired.